where might the next one take us?


Technical leader with over 15 years of experience in a broad domain set, outstanding perceptive and analytical skills, and passion for creating remarkable digital solutions.

software design

I am a strong and very knowledgeable leader for high-level design and technical standards across multiple components of a product.

technical leadership

Mentor and go-to person for software design, best practices, code review, technical questions and advice.

project management

Hands on experience on resource planing, progress tracking, team engagement, testing and delivery.


Effective communication skills, whether presenting business cases, white-boarding complex solutions, wire-framing with designers, or influencing documentation efforts.

machine learning, ai

With an AI and Machine Learning background, I am able to research, develop, and work with, bleeding edge approaches to data analysis.

Dreams and actions are the spark, get ready to hop on to the next one and enjoy the trip
Where might the next one take us?

Mathematician, computer scientist, cognitive scientist, software architect, problem solver, overachiever, husband, father, friend.

Everybody has the potential to achieve extraordinary things.

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